Most of our group projects are done outdoors

We have dog trails through the woods on our 29 acres of land and each year from spring to fall we need to have shrubs and trees trimmed and new wood mulch laid down. During the warmer months we also need flower beds cared for, removal of invasive weeds and brush hauled to the curb. Groups size should be at least 10, but we have worked with groups of 60.

During the winter months, we have very few opportunities available. We occasionally have indoor projects come up (such as preparing large mailings, cleaning out a storage area or working at one of our events), so feel free to contact us. Just know that we may not have something for your group to do right away.

You won't have direct contact with the animals

For safety reasons and to ensure that their daily needs are met, only trained volunteers with scheduled shifts work directly with animals. But rest assured that your work will help our companion critters as they await their forever homes and our wild animals receiving rehabilitation. There are many ways to help depending on the season!

There are lots of things you can do to help that don't involve coming to the shelter

Get your group together for a project on your own and deliver the results of your efforts to us after you are done having fun!

Host an independent event

Hold donation drives

Make cat beds

Knit or crochet nests for our baby birds

Build squirrel boxes

Recycle aluminum cans

Adoption Posters

Critter Treats & Fun

Build a bench

Adoption day kits

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Each year events like Brat Fest, Run Mad Town, Madison Marathon and Taste of Madison need volunteer help. The event holder will compensate DCHS for your time if you volunteer at their event and identify Dane County Humane Society as the charity you are sponsoring. Anyone can do this, sign up is easy and it’s a fun way to help animals at DCHS. You do not need to be a DCHS volunteer. You can help individually or have your friends, family or co-workers join you.

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