Most DCHS and Wildlife Center services are by appointment only, including reuniting lost animals, surrendering a pet, wildlife rehabilitation, and more. Adoption visits are first-come, first-served. We recommend checking our current waitlist prior to your visit.

These animals are available for adoption and are located at the DCHS Main Shelter or satellite locations.




Check the Waitlist Before Your Visit

Prior to visiting DCHS, we recommend checking the current waitlist above to meet with and adopt an animal at the shelter so you can plan accordingly. The more names that are listed, the longer you can expect your wait time to be before being paired with one of our counselors to meet your potential new pet(s). Wait times can vary from a few minutes to several hours. Thank you for your patience.

Important Labels to Notice on Adoptable Animals

“Unavailable for Visits Today” animals are available animals that cannot be met with today because they are either recovering from surgery or offsite on an outing. If you are interested in trying to meet that animal, plan to visit the shelter a different day.

“Available from Foster” animals are not physically in our shelter. If you are interested setting up an appointment to meet one of these animals please call the Adoption Center at (608) 838-0413 ext 145 and leave a message.

“Available from DCHS Thrift Store” animals are housed at our Thrift Store located at 6904 Watts Rd, Madison, and you may visit the thrift store during open hours to meet them.


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These animals are available for adoption from individuals in the community. Contact the pet’s lister directly through Home To Home™. These animals are not at the shelter.

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DCHS is partnering with Home To Home™ to offer a rehoming service as an alternative to pets being surrendered to the shelter. Through this service pets are able to stay in the familiar comfort of their home until a new family is found. This also leaves an opening at DCHS for those animals without someone to advocate for them.

Home To Home™ is an online pet placement platform that helps pet owners find new homes (permanent or temporary) for their pets. Home To Home™ believes pets that need a new home do best if they can be transitioned directly from their current home to a new, loving home.

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